Inspire Health Primary & Specialty Care Services

Available and accessible care is an integral part of overall health and wellness.

Primary/Specialty Care

Our primary care networks care for patients of all ages, including children. They partner with you and your family to deliver holistic, compassionate care at each stage in your journey.

Our specialty care networks are aimed at making specialty care available and accessible to deliver improved outcomes and lower the overall cost of care.

Case Studies

Post Acute Specialists

An innovative medical group providing medical care by specialists in post-acute settings through the combination of virtual telehealth combined with physical presence on site. The group allows access to specialists to ensure optimal outcomes for patients at home or in a skilled nursing facility with a concierge level of personalized specialist care. Specialist care delivers improved patient outcomes over follow-up care by a general practitioner, nurse or care coordinator without the specialty training meeting the specific patient’s condition.

  • Reduced hospital readmissions

  • Reduced emergency department visits
  • Prevention of catastrophic patient health issues following a medical treatment during recovery

Inspire Medical Group of California, PC

A primary care network providing accessible, high-quality, integrated and patient-centric primary care via virtual clinics and top-rated physicians to underserved communities nationwide.

GI Consultants

An integrated network of gastroenterology physicians, endoscopy centers and pathology dedicated to diagnosing, treating and eradicating digestive ailments and diseases.